Ultimate bonfire night feast recipes - sausage and apple bake on a plate

Smoky flavours, cracking textures and steaming bowls of warming goodness – Bonfire Night is a feast of autumnal flavours and colours.

From cosy chillies and sausage suppers to steaming soups to rustic breads, we’ve picked our best firework night recipes to warm up you and your guests. So wrap yourself up, crack out the sparklers, and tuck into our tasty ideas for a fireworks party feast. 

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For an epic Bonfire Night centrepiece, serve up Jamie’s Catherine wheel sausage with watercress champ. This hearty dish will be a welcome warmer after watching the fireworks, drenched with a gorgeous onion and cider gravy. 

A winter’s night chilli is the epitome of Bonfire Night feasting. Jamie cooks his low-and-slow, to let the smoky flavours really develop, and the meat becomes fall-apart tender.

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If you’re looking for something super-easy, but still big on taste; a sausage pasta bake is your friend. Topped with a crunchy Cheddar & oregano crumb, it’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, and any leftovers will be even better the next day. 

Another easy win is Jamie’s 5-ingredient Sausage & apple bake recipe. With just a little bit of prep, the oven does most of the work for you – leaving you with an effortless autumn feast to enjoy. 

If you haven’t already tried this technique with baked potatoes, you’ve got a delicious discovery ahead! This tasty soup is brilliant for using up any leftovers, too.

Woody rosemary and aromatic sage take this humble squash soup to incredible heights. Ladle out this silky winter warmer into bowls or mugs and serve with mega cheese on toast for dunking.

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Whether you’re feeding a crowd or looking for the perfect recipe to warm up the family after a chilly evening watching the fireworks, Gennaro’s squash and pancetta penne is a winning dish. Butternut squash and pancetta complement each other so well, adding a gorgeous sweet and salty flavour punch.

You can’t have a Bonfire Night feast without a couple of bangers and this Bonfire night recipe is a game-changer! Putting a twist on the classic ways to serve sausages, these wraps with cheesy mash are a total treat, plus you can prep everything in advance to make your night even easier.

Cooking bread over a fire is so fun – and really easy. Simply make a two-ingredient dough, then wrap around the end of clean sticks and get toasting! Great for dipping into sweet Buddy’s Smoky beans 

Garlic bread is a genuine crowd-pleaser – there’s nothing more comforting than a soft, garlicky roll on a cold and cosy night. Perfect as they are, or serve alongside your favourite chilli, stew or pasta.

Jamie’s terrific tornado potatoes are a super-fun way to make roast potatoes Bonfire ready. Wonderfully crunchy and full of flavour from Parmesan, cumin, garlic and smoky paprika – they’re absolutely cracking!

A warm sausage roll is the perfect portable snack for your local firework display. These pork & apple versions have an extra flavour-boost from the leek and thyme, and are ridiculously tasty served straight from the oven.

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The gorgeous union of mixed mushrooms, swede, potato, onion and rosemary is the perfect pasty filling. Recreate these veggie pasties and pack your bag ready for Bonfire Night fun. 

For a heartier Bonfire-night snack, try Jamie’s South American-inspired beef empanadas. Perfectly spiced, these hand-held pies will warm up a crowd, and be an instant hit. 

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